A note from Kate:

I’m often wary about assigning ages to books. The ages above indicate not reading ability, but the type of content. So if you are 10 years old and enjoy picture books then there is still lots to enjoy and learn in a Vlad flea book, and please feel free to do that. However, the age brackets on the books for older readers indicates content that is either conceptually or emotionally inappropriate for the younger reader.

Do you want to read adventure stories? Are you interested in history? How about getting both and sneaking in some stealth-learning too? If so you have come to the right place.

The greatest challenge is capturing a child’s attention and imagination, once you have that there is so much you can do. We have loads of resources here to help fire up the imagination and feed their curiosity. Whether you are a teacher searching for detailed curriculum plans and resources, or a parent looking for ideas and fun activities, we have a huge range of ideas and materials.

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