Write With Vlad

Do you want to help write and illustrate a picture book?

We are going to write a new, special edition, Vlad flea book, but we need your help. All the words and pictures will be written by you, our publishing team, and we are going to give you ideas and challenges to help create our book. Everyone who contributes will get their name in the printed version and the royalties will go to a children’s charity. Let’s use this strange time to come together and create a book.

Introduction – Hear about the project here.

Printable parent/teacher guide – click here to find out more about the project.


To find out about each task click on the section of the table.

 The HistoryWriting TipActivityIllustration
CharacterThe Vlad booksVlad's voiceWho is Vlad? Becoming a flea
SettingElizabeth I before she became queenPull the reader inWriting the introduction
BackstoryGuinea pigs and piratesWriting a flashbackWho is this guinea pig and why are they with a princess?
The first problemThe zoo at the Tower of LondonCreating problems and solutionsWriting about danger and helping our heroes escape
The big problemSurviving the Tower of LondonBuild up to the main conflictWriting about Elizabeth's worries
Resolving the problemWhat happened to Elizabeth?Ending the storyTelling the audience what happened - writing the conclusion
The factfileWhat are the key factsThe difference between fact and fictionWrite key bullet points to inform your reader