Write With Vlad

Pictures needed calling all young illustrators

The book is coming together now, but we still need some fabulous illustrations to bring the story to life – deadline 4th August. Below I’ve put a link to pictures that might help guide and inspire you and you can find out how to draw Vlad and a guinea pig here with Sam’s tuition videos.

We particularly need pictures of Princess Elizabeth holding Cobayo the guinea pig, pictures of Elizabeth in the Royal apartments and in the garden, Elizabeth looking sad, or thoughtful. We also need pictures of the menagerie, and Vlad and Cobayo meeting a scary lion and then escaping from the lion. This word file gives more help and guidance.

When you have your picture ready to send please scan, or photograph and send it to writewithvlad@gmail.com

Do you want to help write and illustrate a picture book?

We are going to publish a new, special edition, Vlad flea book, but we need your help. All the words and pictures will be written by you, and we are going to give you ideas and challenges to help create our book. Everyone who contributes will get their name in the printed version and the royalties will go to the NSPCC. Let’s use this strange time to come together and create a book.

How do I get involved?

– watch each of the 5 videos below
– follow the instructions and write the story or draw pictures for the book
– send them to us at writewithvlad@gmail.com

Project and session guide – Click here to get a summary of 5 videos below that guide you through writing our book.

Let’s get started. Watch the videos with history, advice and instructions on your contributions by clicking on the video blocks below.

If you would like to see other background resources and materials, use the links below – the history and advice is covered in the videos above, which were produced to pull all the materials together.