This is a stunning little animation of 17th century London, and is only 3 and half minutes long so easy to fit in at some point (but preferably early in the topic).  This is linked to youtube but there is also a vimeo link here if you cannot access youtube. images of original maps, documents and records with ideas how to use them an interactive website developed by Museum of London, London Metropolitan Archives, Guildhall Art Gallery, The Monument, Arts Council England and City of London Corporation. Museum of London website with specific link through to the Fire, fire exhibition and linked information. BBC website with images, links and games relating to Samuel Pepys  quotes from Samuel Pepys’ diary day in the life of Nigel who is a firefighter with Derbyshire fire service daily Pepys entry in his diary (be careful using extracts from the diary and always check them – Pepys diary was not written for children and often featured adult content)