During my time as a full time class teacher I worked in Reception, Year 1, 2 and 4. In each age group the starting point of any topic for me was buying, borrowing and gathering together as many books as I could. Despite being out of the classroom now for a few years I count the librarians of the local library and the School Lending Service as friends.

It was where the Vlad books sprang from as I wanted stories that covered facts, as well as reference books. Humans love a good tale and if you can hang a whole lot of learning on it, so much the better!

As soon as the books were ready I knew I had so much information and so many ideas about how they could be used. A teacher’s habits die hard, and so I set about writing plans and resources that would capture that and save you recreating it from scratch.

All materials are on my TES page (including a big range of cross curricular lessons and resources), but I have chosen 5 key documents to give you the information and resources you need to teach the topics linked to the Vlad books.

The following free packs include:

  • A history plan with curriculum links, learning objectives, lesson outline and linked resources to deliver each lesson
  • A word mat with key vocabulary and images from the books
  • A timeline activity (often integrated into the history plan)
  • A literacy plan for one linked writing activity (further linked literacy plans are on TES for many of the books)

There is also a Teacher’s Guide available as a paid resources which includes the background history and context of the topic, fuller learning objectives (with a child-friendly summary), a page-by-page look through the Vlad book and what vocabulary and teaching points can be pulled out from each spread, links to organisations/museums with information and resources.