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“Brilliant event, loved every minute of it.” Wandsworth Town Library
“We had a great time. Excellent balance of activities.” The National Archives



Great Fire of London session – 1 hour

I run the sessions dressed in a kirtle which starts a discussion on differences in life 350 years ago. We then join in an interactive storytelling of Vlad and the Great Fire of London with actions and rhymes, fight the fire with a bucket chain, look at 17th century artefacts (a sun fire plaque and money token) and meet Vlad. The final part of the session involves group work talking about what different people would take from their home 350 years ago.

If you have more than one class in year group studying the topic I can repeat the session twice in a half day visit.



In the week after the session Vlad writes a letter to the class, if you want to do a letter from the children as a follow up lesson he will hold off and write a response to their comments (it would be to the class rather than to individuals but will acknowledge their letters).


You may wish to extend the session with a question and answer activity, or one of the other following options.


Assembly – 30 minutes

I am happy to lead assemblies for large or small groups. These focus on reading for fun, how Vlad  began with a story and questions from the children. 




Writing and publishing -45 minutes

This session is aimed at KS2. We look at the writing process using my latest book Vlad and the First World War.  We look at drafts of one part of the story, the children have the opportunity to suggest improvements to an early draft and I explain how I rewrite and edit my stories. Finally I show how I publish the final book.


Vlad and the Great Fire of London is now available from Amazon.  After a school session I can sell and sign copies.

For details about costs and availability please contact me.


If you would like to discuss booking a session please contact me on or on the contact form below.