Special edition Vlad book

Special edition Vlad book

Do your children want to be authors or illustrators?

I’m putting together a project for children at home or in school. The aim will be to involve and engage as many children as possible in meaningful writing.

We will be writing a new Vlad adventure together with participating children voting on the characters and what happens in the story, and then submitting their writing and pictures. I will be supplying historical facts and pulling together the submissions and editing it together into a book. If children have writing or pictures selected for the final book they will be credited along with any schools taking part. All royalties will go to a charity supporting children through the current challenges (to be announced).

If you have pupils or family that might want to take part please let them know to check and follow the Reading Riddle Facebook page or twitter feed so they see what is happening and communicate using the hashtag #WriteWithVlad.

The first challenge will be posted on Monday 20th April.

If you have any queries or suggestions I would love any input.