Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

The latest Vlad flea book is here!

To celebrate we are having a Scavenger Hunt on Tooting Common in South London, on Sunday 2nd April, between 2-4pm.

It will be a chance to see pictures from the book and find out facts about the ancient Romans. The children who get answers to all five questions will get a prize. If you don’t live nearby, the scavenger hunt materials will be put up here on the website after the event, so you can download them and enjoy them too. For those of you teaching the topic of the Romans, let us know if you are using the scavenger hunt with your class and we will send you some bookmarks as prizes for all the children taking part.

To download the questionnaire click here.

Check out our Facebook page for a special code to buy the new book if you are joining us on Sunday.