www.tes.co.uk for all things teacher related.  I guess all teachers are already signed up but in case you are new….I was originally going to put my resources on Reading Riddle, but decided this was a step too far in my IT learning ladder!  I will be putting them on TES under cunning1. www.twinkl.co.uk for resources both free and paid for.  Lots of visual materials to help brighten up your reading corner and support readers of many levels. www.mrthorne.com  worth really searching through the huge range of materials supporting phonics, grammar and maths. www.ictgames.com a range of simple games and teaching materials (I know this is a reading site but I love the maths place value page) www.letters-and-sounds.com  phonics resources and games by phase www.communication4all.co.uk  Bev Evans founded and ran this great site until she sadly passed away in 2014.  The resources are still available and the website is being maintained in her memory.  Fabulous for story cards for traditional tales.   For more sites with audio and video stories look at the web-based stories  page.