These are the most difficult type of question.  They need your child to understand a bit of background, more than is in the story. For example: Why did the goats make the noise “trip, trap, tromp” as they crossed the bridge? Now this takes a bit more knowledge to answer fully.  Your child needs to understand that goats have hooves which are hard, and that hard hooves hitting a wooden bridge will make a big noise. These questions are very hard for a young child as their experience of the world is not so great.  A child who has been to a farm (country or city) and seen a real goat will understand this a little better.  This is why in topics at school trips are often organised to help build that understanding.  It is useful if reading to be able to say “do you remember ….?” and make links in your child’s mind. You can also build these ideas by acting it out, getting tins or boxes and pretending to be the goats crossing the bridge.