Your child may be able to read every word in a book, but they also need to show that they understand what those words mean.  To show this more clearly look at how to “mark” reading. To help find out if they understood the story you can ask a range of questions. The first big question is:

What happened in that story? or What was that book about?

Retelling a story sounds easy, there are a lot of things to think about and get right to make it a good retell. goat mapclick here for advice on retelling a story (and click here if you want to see the story being read at bedtime)       For ideas about general questions you could ask have a look at these two sheets.  You are aiming to keep it pleasurable so choose a couple of questions to talk about not the whole set every time! Fiction/story book questions click here                      Non fiction/fact book questions click here   The other questions that you can ask about a book fall into 3 types of questions: literal button deductive button inference button