Year 1 phonics screening year 1 phonics snap Schools either plan their own phonics lessons or may buy a programme of work that has been reviewed bthumbnail_Letters_and_Sounds_-_DFES-00281-2007.pdfy the Department of Education.  Either way they are teaching phonics according to the document Letters and Sounds which was produced in 2007.   To check quickly which order the sounds are taught in look here and look through the phases from 2 to 6 (phase 1 focuses on learning to listen rather than learning specific sounds and words). How to say the sounds For many years I have been using and recommending the fabulous clips produced by Mr Thorne.  Check out Mr Thorne does phonics to hear how to say each sound.  The site has expanded and has a huge amount of other material to look at if you want to explore. Phonics games Letters and sounds – click on the box for games depending on your child’s level. Teach your monster to read – a game that works through the phonics programme and includes tricky words. ICT games literacy page – more games to practise those phonic skills.   schwa snap          What is a schwa?