National Geographic for Kids is a brilliant magazine.  I had subscriptions for my children and then take them into the classroom.  The kids at school loved them too.  You can buy the magazine as a one off at newsagents if you don’t want to commit to a subscription, or persuade a relative to give a subscription as a gift – it is exciting to get something in the post every month.     If the only thing your child wants to look at is a comic then that is okay.  Once the interest begins you can broaden out but comics have stories that can be read with expression and shared.  Allowing your child to choose a comic is fun but just watch that there is something inside not just an attractive gift on the front.  For young children there is greater selection.  I find the children between 6 years and teens harder (especially if they are a boy who is not mad about football).  There are some ideas on this subscription site.     First News  is a newspaper is aimed at 7-14 year olds and covers a huge range of up to the minute topics to interest children.  You can subscribe online or buy individual issues from newsagents and supermarkets.