question1 All children in English state schools are taught to read through phonics.  If you want to find out more about how this works and what you can do to support this click here       question2 Is there any point reading a book with no words?  How do you begin?  To find out  click here         question3 Once you have read a book how do you go about discussing it with your child?  To find out more  click here       question4 Some children are not keen on reading or find it so difficult that they do not want to do it.  This is a hard challenge but to find out more click here     question5   How can you give your child a choice of books without having to pay out a lot of money?  For ideas click here       question6   Why does your child keep bringing home books that you think are too easy?  For information on how teacher’s assess children’s reading click here       question7   At what age should you start reading with your child.  For ideas click here.       question8 When it feels like you have read the same book several times you may feel that you have read it enough!  What is the point?  click here.