Vlad and the Roman Triumph Teacher’s Guide




If you are teaching the ancient Romans this will give you the key information on the history, context and curriculum learning for this topic. It also gives a page-by-page summary of images, artefacts and factual research behind the story. There are Big Questions that test both deeper factual knowledge and critical thinking, and ideas about where to look for visits and other activities. It contains all the information you need to teach the topic to a greater depth, whether it is the first time or if you want to refresh your knowledge and find out some fun facts to keep the subject lively. Contents:
  • Ancient Romans in the curriculum
  • Timeline of events
  • Roman Society
  • Britain before the Romans
  • Vlad and Tutankhamun’s Tomb explained
  • The Roman invasion and its impact on Britain
  • Places to visit in person and online
  • Big Questions
  • Other Vlad resources
This has been produced as a downloadable pdf document for easy use and quick access. Copyright Kate Cunningham