Vlad and the First World War Activity Book – downloadable pdf



In 1918 Vlad the flea and his friend, Crisp VC the carrier pigeon, raced to deliver a secret message from enemy territory. Now they explain how to make codes and periscopes and share facts and information about the First World War. Test yourself with tricky puzzles and practical activities … but don’t get lost in the trench! This 24 page book is printed in black and white so that pages to be coloured-in too. It includes:
  • Cryptography – 3 different types of secret codes to try out.
  • Make a paper biplane – learn how to fold and create an aircraft with 2 sets of wings.
  • Make a periscope – a template and instructions for making a periscope to see around corners.
  • World War One facts with multiple choice answers.
  • Wordsearch.
  • Battleships grid to complete.
  • Design your own cap badge – learn about what the badges meant and design your own.
  • Draw Crisp VC using the grid guide.
  • Trench maze – find your way from the trenches to the message room.
  • Crossword.
There are answers at the back of the book for the quiz questions. This is the companion book to picture book Vlad and the First World War and is available from the Vlad Shop or Amazon.